February 24, 2016

For the past couple of days my thoughts have been focused on not my issues, but my sister’s.  My sister goes to a JC (junior college) and has plans to transfer to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  If you know my sister, you know that going to Cal Poly is all that she’s ever wanted.  I hate to brag, but she is an EXCELLENT student, always getting good grades.

The other day she received an email that said she had gotten accepted to Cal Poly!! Here’s the thing, last semester she got a D in trigonometry.  This was huge because she had all A’s and struggled with trig, but worked really hard.  She had a C up until the final, which brought her grade down.  The Cal Poly acceptance email reminded students that they had to get a C or better in all courses, so naturally she freaked out.

Fast forward a few days and she made an appointment with the department she wants to go into at Cal Poly. She explained her situation and asked if she could get more specific information on whether or not she would eventually be accepted despite the D. No answers.  Then she made an appointment with the dean of mathematics at her JC, and explained her situation again.  He told her that he would gladly change her grade, but he can’t because he leaves that responsibility to the instructors.  This particular instructor was not too kind when it came to Emily’s situation.

And so now, due to all of the confusion, my sister is having a rough time. She won’t find out if she is officially into Cal Poly until after the semester is over, but she has to commit to a school by May 1st which doesn’t make any sense in my mind.  College is an opportunity to learn, so why are universities making it so hard to get there in the first place? Watching this whole situation unfold has really disappointed me.  I was a big fan of Cal Poly before, but now that I’ve seen the way they treat and handle transfer students, I have lost some respect for them.

Hopefully, for my sister’s sake, this mess gets cleared up.


Author: Allie

I'm Allie. I live in the wonderfully beautiful central valley in California. I am currently finishing up my bachelors degree at Fresno Pacific University majoring in communications and trying to figure out how to appropriately tackle the challenge of adulthood. FPU is the third college I have attended, I like to do things the hard way I guess! I earned an AA degree from College of the Sequoias in 2014, and then transferred to Holy Names University and spent an amazingly crazy year there in Oakland, California and now I am back in the valley! I love blogging, reading romance novels, watching The Bachelor and obsessing over my favorite Starbucks drinks. Cheesecake is my favorite guilty pleasure and I am happiest when I am curled up on the couch gossiping with my wonderful boyfriend, or playing tennis any day of the week. I spent 3 years competing as a college tennis player, which means I am addicted to the smell of tennis balls, can handle excessive amounts of traumatizing conditioning, and I have friends from all over the globe. Life can get pretty crazy if you sit back and see where it takes you. This blog is my little space that allows me to chronicle my wacky journey and all of the little side roads along the way. If you're reading this, bless your heart. Hey there! Want to get in touch? Make a deal? Contact me at allison.rosa13@gmail.com. For the sake of lets-be-realness, business inquiries or blog collaborations only. Thanks!

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