March 5, 2016

Today was my first full day of spring break.  When I woke up this morning (and rather late I might add) I breathed a sigh of relief.  I have a few days without the burdens of classes or homework.  Sort of.  While I don’t have to attend class and I don’t have any assignments due this week, I will as soon as I get back.  I have two midterms and quite a few assignments due when I get back, so my carefree sigh of relief only lasted for about 3 seconds.

But amidst the spring break blues of working and studying, I am extremely excited.  On Tuesday I will have an interview for my first (possible) full time job.  It is for a marketing and sales position at a local newspaper.  I am really looking forward to this, and I honestly really want the job.

Sometimes in life we have these “AHA moments”.  I usually don’t entertain the existence of these moments, but I had one recently. For most of my college experience, I have not had an answer to the “dream job” question.  I would always reply, “Any job is a dream job!” because I honestly didn’t know what I wanted.  Now I do know what I want, and I realized that it has been there the whole time.  I like news.  I like news gathering and I like news production.  And I like writing.  Everything that is encompassed in a newspaper, magazine, broadcast or web post interests me and inspires me.  And this is the way I have always been.  It’s who I am.  I have been ignoring this part of myself, either brushing it aside or making it complicated.

So last week I went to the career fair.  I sought out the representatives for the newspaper and presented who I was.  I felt heard and respected and like the individual that I am.  When I got the call for the interview a few days ago, I felt this rush, like somehow this was supposed to happen.  I know that there is a chance that I may not be hired, I might not be who they are looking for.  But now I have this sense of direction.  Direction is something that I have been lacking lately, and this little arrow was exactly what I needed.