March 30, 2016

Soooooooo many projects. So. Many. Projects.

The end of the semester and finals are drawing near.  I basically have a big project due this month in every class which makes for a crazy busy schedule.  I don’t know how I’m going to pull it off, I really don’t.

On a more positive note, I had my second interview yesterday!  I really do want this job in Washington D.C. and I really hope it works out.  I felt pretty good during the interview, but once I got home I started second guessing myself.  At this point, I’m checking my email every 5 minutes while thinking to myself, “You blabbed too much, oh gosh you talked too much you blew it.”  So I really just hope I hear some kind of response soon before I freak out.

While on the subject of job hunting, I’m starting to realize why so many people wait until after they graduate to start stalking the classifieds.  Trying to focus on classes, internships, and looking for a job is so hard to juggle.  Sometimes I can only focus on a few things at a time, and lately most of my focus has been on this potential job.  Before my senior year of college, I thought that I was behind.  In my eyes, everyone my age already had plans and were well on their way to starting their careers.  But the more I talk to other college seniors, the more I realize that isn’t the case for everyone.  In fact, most of the people I’ve talked to are waiting until after they graduate to start looking for jobs.  And I do not blame them.  Sometimes I think that I should’ve just waited.  But it’s rather exhilarating, knowing that I’m so close to figuring things out.  Being so busy is almost addicting, which is awful because I think I’m actually finding excitement in my own frustration.

This balancing act will be over soon, but that doesn’t mean life will get easier.  I’ll have the pressures of a full time job, I’ll have to start becoming more independent.  Finals will be replaced by taxes, and spring break will no longer exist.  Maybe I should have been on the 5 year plan…


March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I know I’m a day late with this post, but I have a good reason!  Yesterday was pretty wild, and I’m still trying to process it even now. Allow me to explain:

A few days ago I sent an email to a friend who I used to work with in the district office of my local congressman.  I knew they were moving people around in their office positions so I thought I would let them know that I’m graduating soon in case a position opens up.  The next day my friend said he would forward my email to the chief-of-staff Cole to figure something out.  I had wanted to apply for their Washington, D.C. summer internship anyway so I sent that along as well, thinking that is what they would offer.

The day after that, I got a request for a phone call from Cole.  Little did I know, it was actually an interview!!

I already knew Cole from working in the district office, so the conversation went well.  He said the internship position was mine for the taking!  But then he presented an even better offer: a full time position.  As it turns out, the congressman needs a new Schedule Coordinator and the staff is looking for someone to fill in the open position.  Cole said that he thought I would be a great applicant for the job, and he proceeded with the interview.

After all of the questions and job description, we scheduled a second interview for next week.  In a few days I will have to go to the district office for a video conference call with Cole and the congressman.

When I finally hung up the phone, my mind was racing.  No matter how the interview next week goes, I’ll have an opportunity to work in Washington D.C. in May.  Moving across the country is huge, and working a job with so many opportunities is even bigger!!  This is exactly the type of thing I’ve been waiting for, something that can open up doors and kick-start a future.

If I get the job, I’ll be in charge of scheduling and keeping track of all of the congressman’s meetings, appointments, and engagements.  I will also be the direct contact regarding his schedule.  It will be a demanding job, and working on Capitol Hill will be quite the experience, but this is something that I just can’t pass up.

So this week most of my thoughts will be centered around my upcoming interview, which hopefully goes well.  Thoughts of the east coast, politics, and being an “adult” are filling my head.  A part of me thinks this is too good to be true and that I shouldn’t get my hopes up.  After all, I’ll be fresh out of college with virtually no experience in schedule coordinating.  Cole said that if everything works out, I’ll start training via the internet in April and will move to D.C. as soon as possible in May.

Moving to a completely different area will be tough again.  I have a few friends on the east coast who have assured me that it’s great, so I’m feeling pretty optimistic at this point.  But once May rolls along, I’ll probably start to freak out.  I only have half a semester left, and May is just around the corner.  If I end up getting the full time position, there’s no telling when I’ll move back to California.  This will put a strain on my relationship, I’ll be far from my entire family, and the work will be overwhelming.

Despite the intimidation that this job brings, I really do believe that this is the best thing for me right now.  The sales job with the newspaper was fine, but I honestly don’t see myself in sales and there’s no telling when I would actually get the opportunity to write.  This position in D.C. however, gives the opportunity to be exposed to a large number of other jobs as well as making last contacts.

I’m hoping and praying that next week goes well, and even if I don’t get the job I’ll still have the chance to travel and add another great experience to my resume.